In 2010 Vega instigated its “Vega Global” strategic program; expanding its operational capabilities across the global markets.

Employing over 300 skilled personnel, the Vega Group already has established offices in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Australia Malaysia and the United Kingdom. In addition, Vega’s Accredited Partner Program has established commercial relationships with “like-minded” AV companies in regions where Vega has no formal presence; enabling our customers to enjoy a consistent Vega engagement internationally. With further proactive expansion into Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, Vega Group aims to become a leading multi-national AV/IT company.

Today, Vega Group has become a clear choice solutions provider for local, international and multinational customers.

Every Vega office works closely together, allowing us to utilise resources across the different regions and benefit from a 24 hour time zone. With a network of global offices, clients benefit from economies of scale and standardised quality of project delivery across the various offices.