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Company name
Vega Project K.K.
5F Nihonbashihoncho Square,
1 Chome-2-6 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo-to

103-0023 Japan
TEL: 03-6280-4476  FAX: 03-6280-4479
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February 18, 2011
Richard Johns
Line of Business
  • Audiovisual System Installations
  • Audiovisual System Sales/Hardware Sales
  • Audiovisual System, Engineer Management
  • System Installation Management
  • Audiovisual System Design
  • Audiovisual Consultancy Services
  • Import & Sale of Audiovisual related goods and computer peripherals
  • Audiovisual Systems Maintenance Service
  • Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaas)
  • Digital Signage Solutions (IPTV)
  • Video Cloud Services
  • Workspace solutions (meeting room/desk booking solutions, occupancy sensors, digital signage)

Founded in 1986, Vega Technology is the biggest audiovisual and Video Conference system integrator in the APAC region. Vega Project K.K is part of Vega Global and allows customers to enjoy Vega’s high level of service and expertise (audiovisual installations, maintenance, distribution and sales) in Japan.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Vega has evolved from a distributor of audiovisual equipment to be one of the largest audiovisual products and total solution providers. In just two decades, Vega has successfully diversified its product and service to serve a large customer base of local and international companies known as Vega Global and now has offices in Japan and across the APAC region.In the late 1980’s Vega became a pioneer by opening a total solution sales office in Shenzhen, in Greater China. In 1999 Vega set up a manufacturing plant and research center in the same region, providing high quality OEM products of the world’s most famous brands. More recently, another branch office has been set up in Macau to take advantage of the rapidly developing business opportunities of that region.

Vega’s global presence covers most of Asia, in addition we have recently opened offices in the UK and America.  Our global presence and local knowledge in each region allows our clients to use one trusted partner across every region in Asia that they operate in because we are able to standardize quality installations across different regions with centralized management.

In 2010, Vega expanded its operations into the global market. Branch offices, employing more than 300 staff, were opened in Japan, Singapore, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Australia. With further global expansion, Vega’s aim is to become the foremost multi-national AV company.


Our Japan office is a flexible and responsive team that has a proven track record.  We have delivered a large number of audiovisual projects, from system design, installation and support services for multinational companies. With the ability to operate in Japanese, English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), our experienced team, comprising a unique blend of talented multi-lingual staff, has in-depth knowledge of Japanese and regional standards.

To ensure we are always providing the best solutions to our customers, we continually stay on top of emerging technologies and can provide invaluable input on current and future system designs that will further enhance systems and improve information flow within your environment.  We are also able to contribute ideas on how our customers can adopt cost-optimal audiovisual solutions for improving internal operations and efficiency.

Why Vega ?
  • We value long term partnership with customers
  • Vega Project provides both AV consulting and  integration under the same roof
  • Guaranteed quality with consistent, high quality service across all of Asia.
  • Long history working with all major AV suppliers.
Vega’s Advantage
  • Centralized management for all APAC projects
  • Local expertise in each region (cultural, vendor expertise, costs, service levels)
  • Fully bilingual staff
  • Close relationships with suppliers in each region.
  • On top of emerging technology and use the most advanced audiovisual equipment available.
  • Highly qualified engineers, technicians, programmers and project managers

Vega, 25 light years from earth is one of the brightest pole stars in the visible galaxy. Vega has played an important role in myth and culture over the centuries; representing notions core to our company values, such as illumination, inspiration and focus.

Our arrow-shaped logo represents a rocket, soaring at speed from West to the East, symbolizing our clear and definite course to define the audiovisual industry across the globe, while the colour red was carefully chosen to reflect the passionate and determined nature of the business.

Vega was the first star other than the Sun to be photographed and has been extensively studied by astronomers, leading it to be termed “arguably the next most important star in the sky after the Sun.


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