Our diverse portfolio includes investment, education, legal, healthcare, residential, and airport sectors as well as fortune 500 and large multinational firms. Below are the key technology areas we focus on. 

Audiovisual/Multimedia Systems
Vega has vast experience in audiovisual integration, from design of the room itself through to the integration of audiovisual technologies, ensuring each device comes together for a unified communication experience.Vega has carried out large-scale projects for multinational companies, from standard VC rooms through to complex systems that include multi-purpose rooms, edit suites, broadcast systems, and seminar rooms. Vega has some of the most experienced  programmers, enabling us to easily configure and install control systems using the latest technology (e.g. Crestron DM).
Presentation Room

Audio systems
It is essential that audio systems are properly designed for every environment. In particular, it is important to ensure that audio systems that are used for audio conferencing, distribution of audio feeds, sound reinforcement, emergency notifications and paging systems are well designed for optimum quality. A lot of the work that Vega does is designing and installing integrated Video & Audio systems.
CCTV and Security Systems
Vega works with leading companies in this space to provide you with cutting edge technologies that are unique in the security industry. In addition to the CCTV and security systems, which are deployed predominantly in outlet shops, office blocks and shopping malls, we also work with partners to provide analytic tools which enable you to analyze security data in detail to understand demographics. 

Control Systems
An essential part of audiovisual presentations is the AV control system. By providing a single, user-friendly interface, the user can easily and intuitively control the equipment in the room. It is important to consider what type of control system you will use early in the AV system design stage. Vega works with leading Control System manufacturers (Crestron, Extron and AMX) and we have some of the most experienced Crestron programmers in Asia.We have vast experience in designing and installing control systems in Japan and across Asia.

Digital Signage systems
Digital signage system can convey real-time and accurate information such as news, weather and directory, and what is more, it provides a medium for interactive communication, catches the attention of passersby easier, builds up the brand image, impresses the patronage and increases profitability. This system is mainly used in office blocks, retail stores, mass media, education, hotel, entertainment business and theaters.Digital signage systems enable you to convey real-time information by displaying text and images on digital screens. Many of our customers use digital signage as a highly effective advertising tool that can be used to influence customer behavior or as a “call to action” to kick start the buying process. We also work with technology partners to provide solutions that allow you to gain more insight into the type of users who use your digital signage solutions.  

Interactive Systems
Interactive communication methods are becoming more important as technology catches up with user requirements. Interactive whiteboards, touch panels and simulation systems are becoming more common place as communication tools. Vega works with leading manufacturers to create unique communication solutions that allow you to easily collaborate by using interactive whiteboards and high definition video across multiple locations. 

Network and Structured Cabling

A state-of-the-art network cabling solution is essential to implement, particularly with the massive amounts of data that is collected, transformed, and delivered across the network.  Not only do systems need to support current data, but they must accommodate for the future influx of data (Big Data) that will ultimately occur as the organization grows.

Our complete network cabling solutions also help reduce infrastructure costs and support scalable data growth, ensuring your organization stays ahead of the competition.


Telepresence Systems
Telepresence system provide an instant face-to-face meeting experience that is close to the experience of having someone in the same room. This effect is created by the use of large screen video monitors, high-definition cameras and consistent furniture arrangements across locations. Vega works with leading providers in this space to give you state-of-the-art Telepresence systems. 
Telepresence Room 1

Unified Communications

By utilizing the latest technologies, Vega enables companies to collaborate and move faster than ever before seamlessly within their UC environment.
One of these game changing technologies that is making this happen is Web Real Time Communications (Web RTC), which enables you to launch a Web collaboration meeting or a screen share right from your laptop or mobile device, meaning instantaneous capability to collaborate. Web RTC is pushing the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, allowing anyone to collaborate by HD video to any device at anytime. 
Another trend that is changing the way we communicate is hosted video cloud solutions. With the improvements in security, this is a real option now for many companies. Vega is at the forefront of this movement by providing a hosted video service that allows you to enjoy the benefits of a multi-million dollar video infastructure by paying a simple, all you can use monthly subscription fee.
Unified communications 1

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