Vision & Philosophy

Our Vision
  • Proactively introduce the latest technology and know-how to prepare for the future needs of our customers.
  • Not only do we continue making use of the most advanced technology to satisfy our customer’s AV/IT requirements, but we also strive to unify quality standards for our industry. 
  • Protect our society’s environment by integrating environmental protection concepts into our products and services, as well as in their daily operation
  • We tailor make total solutions for our clients based on specific needs within their budgets and time frame, thereby enabling them to keep pace with the latest AV/IT technology, avoid falling behind their competitors, become the pioneers in their industries and also streamline their daily operations.
  • Not only do we continue making use of the most advanced technology to satisfy our customers in AV/IT requirements, but also strive to unify quality standards for our industry.

  • With a view to satisfying the needs of our global corporate clients by delivering high quality AV installations across multiple regions, we expanded our operations in 2010 by setting up our branches in different strategic locations including China, Macau, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Australia, United Kingdom and USA.

Our Philosophy

Be a people-centric business:
For Vega it’s not all about technology and numbers. We believe that our people are our business and are committed to their welfare through training, skills and career development. We believe that our customers are our life blood and strive to ensure that we are always valued by them.

Be a listening business:
We are leading experts in our sector, but never so arrogant to assume we know all the answers. By consistently encouraging an environment of always listening to our people, our partners and our customers, we endeavour to learn from them as well as advise them.

Be a non-stop developer:
We are an ever-expanding company; introducing new technologies and know-how to the market; developing our competitiveness, and promoting our philosophy to our people, our partners and our customers.

Be a pursuer of quality:
We are never satisfied to simply fulfil clients’ basic needs, but will constantly strive to exceed their expectations by pursuing higher quality products and delivering a better service.

Be an innovator:
We strive to be a pioneer in our sector; proactively helping our clients to prepare for their future, ensuring awareness and providing effectively managed technology life-cycle solutions.

Deliver Value:
We pledge to deliver best-value to our customers; designing, implementing and supporting solutions which optimize their communication and collaboration capabilities, reduce their environmental impact and demonstrate tangible return on investment.

Think Global, Act Local:
Our aim is to provide our partners and customers with the benefits of a unified global presence, whilst ensuring that we always operate in consideration of local cultures, laws and practises. Likewise our local knowledge and successes can be up-scaled into our global policies; distributing value into all aspects of our business and across every area we operate.