Videoconferencing Cloud Services

Vega delivers leading edge solutions that provide you with the ability to bring together previously incompatible audio, video and web technologies in virtual meeting rooms that enable you to easily make HD video calls from any device to any device. We provide organizations with the benefits of HD video conferencing technology across multiple platforms, without the need to invest in hardware, infrastructure and networks.


Vega’s Video Cloud Service 

  • Make audio or video calls with one or multiple participants
  • High quality video delivered to any device or destination
  • View and access calls in process, upcoming calls and recent conversations
  • Create and manage your directory of favourites, recent and local contacts
  • Create, access and edit your Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Access user menu for settings, configuration, help and sign-out
  • Offer IM, presence and persistent chat for Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Invite participants with email WebRTC invitations
  • Share desktops, content and data, including sharing from Lync clients
  • Easily scalable and secure

Technical bottomlineA major advantage of working with Vega is that we have been in the video business for 28 years. Name any type of technology, endpoint, protocol or conference room and you can be get that Vega has either supported it, installed it or used it.  Because of this long experience in video, we have the know-how and made significant investment in video technology to bring you an agnostic cloud video service that is specifically built to handle mixed infrastructures. We are also on top of emerging industry trends and tools, such as integration to Microsoft Lync, Web RTC, video on Tablet devices and BYOD. We are dedicated to ensuring that our solutions provide you with a flexible service that can quickly adapt. Below is a sample of Vega’s Interoperability capabilities:

  • Standards based VC systems: Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Sony, Logitech, 
  • Desktops and Laptops: Mac, PC
  • Browsers: Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome (Web RTC)
  • Tablets & Smartphones: iOS, Android, Microsoft 
  • Other: Microsoft Lync


One user experience across all your screens

It’s about the experience not the technology. Whether you are on a smartphone, tablet or PC, place phone calls, video calls and share content in the same way. Join the same meeting on audio as someone using video. The technology disappears and everyone simply gets the best possible experience no matter his or her device.


Unlimited devices, at the same time

Have any number of devices you like. Move seamlessly between devices. Use whichever you prefer. You can also use multiple devices at the same time. Use your phone for voice privacy and your iPad for video. Or your video endpoint to see people and your iPad to see a presentation.

Anyone can join

We believe in open invitations. Send a simple link for anyone to securely join a video call using their browser. Already have a system… use what you have. Vega’s Video Cloud solutions allow you to use Microsoft Lync, iPhone, Android, standards based VC systems (Polycom, Lifesize, Cisco (Tandberg) or even a regular desk phone.

You can create as many virtual meeting rooms as you need. One for every project, supplier, team and even hobby. You can meet your project team in a virtual meeting space and see your notes and agenda from last time you visited. Check in anytime.


Technical Description

Vega’s solutions do not compromise on interoperability, with support for all major video standards including H.264 AVC, SVC, WebM/VP8, Microsoft RTVideo and H.265. Seamless and automatic mixing of transcoding and switched/layered video to provide an optimal experience for each user while efficiently utilizing the available resources.

Audio never takes a backseat with support for tens of thousands of audio ports, integrated IVR, and a broad range of codecs including AAC-LD,G.722,G.722.1(c), G.728,G.729a and OPUS. Access and share desktops, content and data including sharing from Lync clients, with support for RDP, BFCP and more. Connect from anywhere with integrated NAT and firewall traversal using standards-based STUN/TURN/ICE, including interoperability with Lync Edge servers and WebRTC traversal technologies.

Unified communications 1Support 

Vega also provides a 24/7 Video help support desk, giving you piece of mind after you have started using our service. To find out more about our unique Video Collaboration Services, please contact one of our representatives to schedule a face to face or video call.  Don’t take our word for it, try it out and test drive our Video Collaboration Solution.

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