Digital Signage Solutions

Vega provides premium Digital Signage, Digital Display and LCD visual communication solutions. We work with leading software and hardware providers to ensure we give you the right solution for your communication needs. 

We allow you to combine videos with imagery, text, music and live television, meaning you can create a thoroughly modern, sleek and cost effective communication platform. Our digital signage solutions average a 40% cost saving against competitor products in implementations of 10 screens or more.

Vega helps you to understand what products and technologies best suit your requirements to ensure the quality of the complete visitor experience.Although Vega does not create the digital media itself, we provide the solutions to broadcast and transmit your media at desired locations through state of the art Digital Signage Systems. Vega also works with leading manufacturers to provide thin bezel displays and state of the art mounting solutions.


Digital Signage
Utilising industry standard, IP set-top boxes (STB), our Digital Signage software solution will work with any screen or display, and with no moving parts it creates a more reliable and robust solution, consuming little power. A central server is used to manage and distribute the content and playlists to end devices which are zoned to allow different messages to be communicated separately to individual or grouped screen locations.Content can be displayed in a wide range of layouts using either standard or user defined templates.
Video on Demand
Vega provides Video on Demand solutions with the ability to  make content available anywhere, at any time and on any compatible device. Supports both Standard and High Definition Content. Partnering with Tripleplay, Vega’s Video on Demand solutions can support multiple streams of either Standard Definition or High Definition video. An individual VOD system can support up to 200 concurrent Standard Definition streams depending on the hardware configuration. The system is modular in its design allowing a customer to add additional servers to meet increases in demand.
Tripleplay Live Streaming

Live TV can be streamed to multiple TVs or mobile devices from any source

Seamless delivery of television content to multiple screens and devices does not have to be a daunting challenge. IPTV distribution allows channels to be multicast via your IP network without fear of reduction in picture quality or loss of service, delivered to as many users as you wish and with minimal impact on your network.For any IPTV distribution system, content is acquired from multiple sources including satellite, subscription, terrestrial digital, cable and off-air, with TripleTV able to combine over 200 channels from these streams. These streams can then be delivered to a set top box, web browser, streaming application, mobile phone, tablet PC, Smart TV or digital signage system.The modular design of the TripleTV system means additional servers can be added at any time to increase the number of channels available.

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