Workspace Solutions

Workspace Utilization Sensors & Systems: Vega works with technology partners to provide you with insight and tools to help get the most out of your work and meeting spaces. Understanding how space is being utilized is critical to designing the right environment for your workers. 

As a starting point, we recommend measuring how your workspace is being used by utilizing our unique sensing technology. This allows you to understand the  usage levels of your workspace and, depending on your requirements, act on those measurements with a complete meeting room booking solution.


Workspace Solutions

Gain insight through accurate data. Vega works with Condeco to deliver this unique sensing technology. It is the starting point from where you can understand the right type and the right quantity of workspace for your company. By continually and accurately measuring your workspace, Sense generates valuable data that identifies areas of low usage and helps you resize your workspace.

Condeco Sense 

Condeco Sense i-pad data


        • Condeco Sense is a small, discrete, easy to affix, wireless device
        • Uses a dedicated, stand-alone network to gather utilisation data via a series of passive infrared signals.
        •  It provides a continuous flow of accurate data that helps you to understand how desks, VC rooms and break out spaces are used on an hourly and daily basis. 
        • The sensors transmit utilisation data back to a centralised database in the Cloud, which is then presented back to you in easy to understand graphs and tables.

Data Sheet


Digital Signage and Booking Solutions

Vega works with leading technology providers, Condeco and Crestron, to provide state of the art digital signage and software solutions for meeting rooms. Are you often looking for an empty meeting room and wonder if someone with a booking is going to turn up any moment?

With Digital Room Signage, you can avoid conflict like this. Our Digital Signage screens deliver a signage and booking solution which can integrate into your existing systems

Room Scheduling Touch Screens end the wasteful practice of searching the corridors for an available room. They eliminate confusion over which room is booked — by whom, and for how long — and allow attendees to verify they’re in the right place before entering a room. They help organizations to maximize productivity and get the most usable time out of every room.

Condeco Room Scheduling

Condeco’s high-resolution touch panel shows the room name, availability and booking information directly from outside the meeting room. You can make bookings and start and end meetings from the capacitive touch screen. Condeco also has a Meeting Room Booking Software calendar grid that lets you book meeting rooms quickly and easily. You can also see rooms at multiple locations, which is ideal for booking video conferences.


            • With your RFID card or PIN code you can effectively manage no-shows.
            • Set rules to automatically release the room for others to book. 
            • Avoid meeting conflicts by displaying who booked the room and how long for
            • Each screen gathers essential information on how rooms are booked and used in real-time
            • Connect to Microsoft Exchange or Google calendar
            • Easily find available rooms and make a booking using an RFID card or a secure PIN number.


Crestron Room Scheduling

Crestron® Room Scheduling Touch Screens provide an invaluable productivity tool for organizations with multiple conference rooms and meeting spaces. Mounted on the wall outside each room, they allow anyone to see at a glance if a room is available or in use, and view details about the current meeting. A swipe of the finger across the colour touch screen reveals the room’s entire schedule. Upcoming meetings and open time slots are clearly displayed on a scrolling calendar ribbon, and users can even reserve a room right on the spot from the touch screen.Includes out-of-the-box room scheduling for use with Crestron Fusion RV® Remote Asset Management Software.




          • Remotely monitor room occupancy and status of AV devices for preventive maintenance
          • Streamline help desk operations with real-time chat and instant email alerts
          • Auto-discover assets upon deployment for improved tracking and built-in usage reporting
          • Reserve rooms via Microsoft® Exchange Server, IBM® Notes®, Google® Calendar™, and R25®
          • Building occupants can book rooms based on location, capacity, and assets
          • Network room scheduling from Microsoft® Exchange,   IBM® Notes®, R25®, Google Calendar™, theRoomView®add-in for Outlook®, and from touch screens wall-mounted outside each room





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